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Best Partner Siemens Unified Communications

Dear customers, thank you got a prize more institutional. The Ribatel was distinguished by Siemens as "Best Unified Communications Partner 2011-2012." Obvious that this premium is due to our customers over the last 25 years has believed in us and the solutions we implement.


PME Leader

Ribatel received the status of PME Leader, a distinction awarded to portuguese companies for the quality of their performance and risk profile. The PME Leader status is the public recognition of quality performance of the activity and the processes of research and development carried out over more than 20 years. The Statute of PME Leader is another step towards recognition as PME Excellence. Ribatel thanks all its customers, partners and collaborators, without them none of this would be possible.


Ribatel receives International Trophy for Technology and Quality

2009-03-09 The Ribatel received in Geneva, the XXXI International Trophy for Technology and Quality Award distinguishes companies with the capacity for innovation and are at the forefront of the quality of their products and services. At this year attended by over 150 entrepreneurs from 30 countries to receive this award given by the Trade Leader's Club and Editorial Office. Already a benchmark in the areas of info-communications technology (ICT), telemetry and security, Ribatel has extensive experience in creating solutions for a variety of sectors ranging from healthcare, industry, utilities and telecommunications, making it a pioneer in introducing new concepts and solutions do not exist in the supply business and take the first steps towards internationalization, with offices in Brazil and Spain. At the same ceremony was delivered to the administrator Ribatel, Armando Rosa, the gold badge "Global Quality Management".


International Commercial Prestige Trophy

For the second consecutive year was awarded Ribatel an international trophy, awarded by the Editorial Ofice in collaboration with the Trade Leaders' Club of Madrid. This year he was awarded the PRESTIGE TROPHY INTERNATIONAL TRADE, that award was established to distinguish enterprises of all countries of greatest prominence in the last year, the prestige and leadership in its performance and the quality of its products and   services ". The Ribatel is already a benchmark in the areas of Infocomunicações (ICT), telemetry and security, has extensive experience in creating solutions for various sectors, from industry, utilities and telecommunications, making it a pioneer in introducing new concepts and solutions lacking   in the supply business, as is the case here Polyspeak marketing solution that is an IP-PBX (VoIP), developed by the School of Engineering, University of Porto, with whom Ribatel and has a partnership agreement for their sale. The Editorial Ofice is an international publishing company founded in 1950 and the Trade Leaders' Club is headquartered in Madrid and want to be the link between the companies awarded by the Editorial Office, formed by more than 10,000 entrepreneurs from 120 countries who are   consulted for the annual allocation of these trophies. The delivery of the Trophy was held on July 19 in Madrid, the Hotel Melia Castilla in the presence of the authorities, the diplomatic corps and representatives of the world economy and culture of the country as well as directors of intelligence agencies.   This ceremony was also given a Gold Medal for Business Excellence "to the administrator of Ribatel, Armando Rosa, who took the opportunity to make contacts with businessmen from various countries, including Brazil, Russia and Morocco, who spoke very receptive to the marketing of   Ribatel products in their countries. It is recalled that last year, had been assigned to this company, the International Trophy for Technology and Quality that distinguishes firms with high spirit of innovation in technology and the quality of their products.


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